We are proud to work and deal with what is most essential to us as human beings. Because, after all, air is an indispensable element to all of us.

Without and water, one might get along a few days, but without air one can only survive a few minutes.

With relation to the especially healthy air in the north, the company name

nordluft - Air for Living - Warmth for Comfort

was found and registered as a trademark.

nordluft GmbH was founded in 1998 by Harry Sauerberg and Dipl.-Ing. Walter Kampers. In this respect, their contacts and year-long experience gained while working in the company nordklima were conducive to this decision. A location was quickly found, hence an opening could be celebrated in October 1998 in Lohne - Maerschendorf. Here, a hall with 350m² of floor space as well as three offices were moved into.

During the following two years, an own series of directly heated ventilation systems was developed, tested as well as examined and certificated by the TÜV and DVGW. This was about to be the the basis of the main business of nordluft GmbH for the next two years. At present, about 350 pieces are manufactured every year.

Further big decisions had to be made already end of 2001/ beginning of 2002. After the insolvency of the company KesslerTech/nordklima, ten staff members of the nordklima - core group of the departments production, service, sales and order processing were taken over. As a result, the offer of production and services could be greatly enhanced. For the customers of the company KesslerTech/nordklima it also meant that, in the future, the know-how and the year-long experience of the nordklima - core group could be preserved.

Due to the expansion of the business and the consequential lack of space, in September 2002, the company moved directly to Lohne, into the new business park Hansapark near the BAB A 1, Robert-Bosch-Straße 3. Here, about 1.200m² of production and storage area as well as spacious offices are available.

Continuing expansion as well as an enlargement of the service portfolio resulted in the fact that only after a short period of time the existing spacial capacities were exhausted. The plan of an own factory building was tackled and put into action.

In August 2005 the company nordluft could move into its new building. In the Robert-Bosch-Straße 5, a 1.500m production hall including storage place as well as a modern-equipped office block was built. Both buildings meet the requirements of the company and offer various possibilities of expansion for the future.

At this point, we want to offer our customers and prospects our assistance concerning all kinds of problem solutions.

For all circulating devices and systems of the company nordklima, a full spare-parts-service as well as maintenance, upkeep and exchange can be offered.

Our motto is:

"Actions speak louder than words."